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Zomato (3.6)
Shivani Kapoor

This place has always been a safe place to order it. Amazing spaghetti, red sauce pasta, cold coffee etc. However, I order a white sauce pasta with cheese garlic bread last night and big time disappointment. Pasta was tasteless, no flavour in the sauce at all. The Garlic breads had cheese on it, but no flavour of garlic at all, which is funny. Probably this was the last order I placed. Not at all happy with my last order.

Bhavya Narang

Tpot Cafe is a small Cafe located on the main road at Malviya Nagar. It serves a variety of tea. A good place to relax. We ordered masala chai. It was served in Kulhad and was kadak. Tex Mex nachos were okay. Butter chicken wrap was okayish too. It was rolled in traditional parantha with butter chicken and mint chutney. Was filling. Can be visited

Navita Gulati

Really liked this cute little place. I am a Chai lover. Had their crazy Masala chai, which was served to us in Kulhad really enjoyed it on a rainy evening. With scrumptuous garlic vegetable toasts, mix sauce pasta and cheeze rolls.

Rohit Joshi

Thank you so much for providing affordable tea with so much variety and such great packaging. Only a tea lover will understand your importance. To think I was looking to order food and landed up on your page on Zomato. I ordered Non Veg Thai Curry (Red), but received Veg Thai Curry. But that was ok actually, apart from tasting the non veg version, I will stick to the veg version for the highly nutritious and aromatic experience.


Tpot will surprise you with its concept and the range of tea and coffee options. The food is mostly quick bites or snacks type. And food is delicious. This place is located on the main road in a building which houses lots of eating joints. Parking is available on the main road. Service is OK speed wise and prices are a bit on the higher side. But overall it is just worth it. The menu is huge. Get prepared to be spoilt for options.

Lavisha Bhatti

So this newly shifted joint in the main market is very awesome , the environment and the ambience is very comfortable . The menu was quite vast according to a tea lounge which I really liked as I'm not really a tea person . So I recommend everyone to try this joint , the food was really delicious and fresh . I had ordered the following - Bread omelette: which was perfectly cooked and tasted well . White sauce pasta : which was very creamy and had good chunks of chicken and mushroom.