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TPOT was founded in 2013 in New Delhi by Robin. It was the love of this tea that inspired the business. After a career as a Chartered Accountant, he wanted to make a company around the bona fide pleasure of handmade tea.

Once a CA always a CA (Chartered Accountant to a Chaiwalla)

We wanted to bring back the fresh energizing cup "Cha" or "chai" called by the people, where people use to loads of conversation, discussions , cricket matter to football discussions over tea. Relieving their own best moment on tea - 'the high- five , the love talks, the leg pulling' is the memory every person has in his life. Robin was so passionate to bring back the concept of tea lovers Gupshup and fun and tea café 'TPOT' was born.

Tpot focus is to spark fresh cup of conversation on your loved tea, be it a Tulsi tea, masala chai, Kadak Ginger tea. We serve around 40 types of tea to all the tea lovers who love to sit in the tea café and spend some quality time.

We are one of the best tea café in Delhi and our vision is to become the best tea café in the India.